Last Friday (December 16) 9 Mile Entertainment staff, including CEO ​and Bob Marley's brother Richard Booker, local press and festival attendees made the first food donations of the 9 Mile Festival onsite at the Food For Life food bank in Midtown. Joining them was reggae icon Julian Marley, son of the reggae and peace legend Bob Marley. Together they began the early donations of canned goods and non perishable food items that will be part of the 9 Mile Festival’s food drive.

All attendees of the festival are required to donate 4 canned goods (approximately 5 dollars worth) at the entrance of the festival, but now have the chance to make the donation early and receive a donation voucher that can be presented at the festival in March. You can donate at this location until December 23rd.

The reason for the early donations is double benefit for all. On one side, one can donate early and not have to worry about taking the goods to Virginia Key  on the day of the festival. Also, early donations help the most, since the food banks are in need of help year round, and the holiday season is a specially needful time.

If you want to donate at the Food For Life center, the address is 3510 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, FL.