While we filled our plates, other guests were dancing to the sounds of Mark Swaby and DJ Capone. Being as it was an all inclusive event, we went to the bar to have some wine to go with our plates of food. We chose Chardonnay and Moscato. The food was wonderful and the music was just as good, so it was hard not to dance and eat at the same time. LOL.

Then it was DJ Ever Never's turn to play and he dropped some amazing Foundation music as the sea breeze wrestled with our hair and clothing.  The perfect way to wrap up Christmas weekend.

It was a long and winding Road from the front of John U. Lloyd Park in Dania Beach. We continued driving in the dark and then like a beacon in the darkness we saw lights, pretty lights, and we heard music and we saw people, lots of people. We were so relieved that we saw cars and people and heard music and a welcoming festive atmosphere. A setting conducive to  Boxing Day (the day after Christmas.)

After many sighs of relief and jubilation we got out of the car and approached the Pavillion. We were greeted with hugs and smiles from friends and acquaintances as were ushered to the food tent. They did not hold back. The ladies at the food tent made sure our plates were filled with scrumptious servings of jerk chicken curry goat and jumbo shrimp.

The promoter plans to make this an annual event on Boxing day, but he is being encouraged by everyone to have it twice a year, hopefully on Memorial Day as well.  We will definitely keep you posted.