THE organisers of the justconcluded Reggae Sumfest in Catherine Hall, Montego Bay, have hinted that changes are coming for future stagings of the music festival. However, they are keeping them under wraps for the time being.

Robert Russell, chairman of Summerfest Productions, mentioned that in reviewing the past week of events which culminated early Sunday morning, they will have to do things somewhat differently in the future, but declined to elaborate. That aside, Russell is hailing the 2015 staging of the 23-year-old event a success.
that we are calling Inspirational Pop/Reggae/Soul."

It almost like falling off a log... it’s really a combination of factors — everything coming together at the right time and place — that makes it work.

One thing that helped to make the event successful was good weather. It was warm and windy, with just a sprinkling of showers to keep down the dust. Every promoters’ worst nightmare is thunderstorms on the night of the event,” said Russell. He added: “It must be noted that it was an incident-free dancehall night, and no expletives were used on stage.

“It has been a great festival. We started out on Sunday with the beach party and that was our best beach party. The all-white event was also our best. Dancehall night was one of our best, not in terms of the audience, but the performances. I have never seen a crowd wait on a closing act the way they did for Lady Saw,” he told Jamaica Observer.

Speaking of the performances, Russell described Jennifer Hudson’s set as being “unbelieveable” and added that the local quartet LUST was “amazing”. He further noted that the good weather contributed to the overall success of the event. “There is never one thing that makes Sumfest a success.



This is a positive move for the music.” Other acts that made appearances on the Sumfest stage inlcude American stars TI and Common, as well as local sensations Zhavea, Chi Ching Ching, Chris Martin, Spice, IOctane, Beenie Man and Future Fambo.

Source:  The Jamaica Observer