Partial source - meaww

Miss World 2019 has come to an end with Jamaica's Toni-Ann Singh taking home the crown. However, among the celebration was another contestant who was making a place for herself in people's heart and it was Nigeria's Nyekachi Douglas. Douglas was in the top five and waiting for the winner of the event to be announced. 

Unlike other contestants, Douglas could not contain her excitement when Singh was announced the new Miss World. She overtly expressed her emotions as she quickly started to jump around with excitement. She then went on to hug Singh and looked so happy — it was almost as if she had won the title. 

Fans were quick to express their joy seeing Douglas being supportive of another woman. One fan wrote, "Nigerians women been showing the world now Nigerians are, I see tweets saying Miss Nigeria has a good heart and is amazing, also remember how Miss Nigeria was all smiley and happy when South Africa won #MissUniverse #MissWorld2019 Naijas are great people."

That's one way to look at it, however I felt that she could have shown her support in a more graceful way.  Afterall this is a pageant, where grace and poise should prevail. Seems like she frightened the poor girl, who was already in shock from hearing her name called.   Take a look at another ungraceful moment Miss Nigeria had during one of her performances in the video below - around the 1 minute mark.

Either way, you have got to love her.  She was super supportive and I'm sure she was coming from a place of love. But, sis,  try to rememer - poise and grace! Not only in a pageant, but in general.