Lifetime achievement awardee Mr Oliver Samuels showed class and humility in accepting his award.
Even though we were faced with challenges beyond our control we were steadfast in our delivery as will be shown by the pictures taken by committee member David I. Muir and his team of photographers and media professionals.
The organizers are thankful to all those mentioned above, and to the sponsors and supporters who have contributed to their  cause, They  couldn't have done it without you.


The 2017 #PeopleProfileAwards concluded with the members of the organising committee receiving a round of applause from the over 600 persons in attendance. 
The event started with Everton Blender performing some of his favorite hits, "Ghetto Ppeople Songs" and "Lift up Your Head". Papa Michigan King Winston Foster Yellowman, Tanto Metro and Devontie, Malachi, and Euphemia, Michael (Silky) all performed impeccably. The comedic duo of Ity and Fancy Cat lived up to the hype. MC's Heather Grant and Rockdabox' Sir Rockwell kept a tight and entertaining schedule. Roy Campbell and the entertainment group, lady C, Garth, Melvin, Michelle, and Olivere worked feverishly behind the scenes. Trophy team of Michelle, Nicollete, and Christina were absolutely beautiful and professional. 

Award winners Maxine Bailey, Millissa Hibbert - representing for PALAS, Paula Haase, Rohan Gunter, Dutch Pot, Sugar Rush Cake Factory, Papa Michigan and others were humbled by the experience. Presenters Christine Owen Marco BrownLavern Lana Norman and others did exactly and perfectly well. Story tellers Andrea and Trevor shed light on the very essence of people profile and if that wasn't enough, Michael Mirando follow up with the very philosophy of which the organization was created. The importance of sponsers was introduced by Shebana and followed by a magical video. Calibe reminded us of those who passed on including captain Horace Burrell and Gary Woung. The management of Bailey hall will feel the full effect of our appreciation when we inform them of our intentions to be there in 2018.
The executive members of the 2017 #PeopleProfileAwards team worked hard and were instrumental in bringing this event to the success that it was. 



​June 25, 2017