Razor-B and dancers
He continued to say, “We can now say that the end time for the show will not exceed 6:30AM. We must respect the law, therefore the patrons, performers and us the promoters, will have to make the adjustment to presenting earlier that we can enjoy everything before 6:30 in the morning.” 

Starface - The final act to perform at STING - 2015
Notable performances came from rising contemporary act, Jahmiel, Professor Nuts, Turbulence, General B, Frisco Kid, Silva Cat, Junior Demus, Maestro Don Mr Lexx, Tabeta Cshae and Raine Seville among many others. Endorsed by Lady Saw to be one of the next leaders of dancehall is Starface, who was the final act to perform at Sting 2015, based on time constraints and the police being furious with the use of profanity.


By midnight the hash tag #Sting2015 was a trending topic on Twitter and Instagram internationally. The organizers of the event, Supreme promotions continue to revel in the success of staging one of the longest running festivals in the world. Sting 2015 being a globally recognized brand included Reggae and dancehall representative from other nations that celebrate the genre, Japan (Ackee n Slatfish), South Africa (Black Dillinger), United Kingdom (Don Andre, Spookie, Flex PD) and Austria (Miss Str8 + Jami Dread) among others.

Raine Seville and Miss. Str8 - from Austria

According to CEO, Isaiah Laing, “Sting2015 from then till now was a hundred percent incident free and I am grateful for that. Majority of the veteran acts billed for the event performed. We would have loved more time; unfortunately the police decided to end the show prematurely. Over the past thirty-one years, they have always granted us additional time and have been cooperative. We made every effort to encourage an early turn out, especially with the gate prizes of free motorbikes being given away every hour. We will work closer with the artists and their managers to control their time and language on stage, to ensure everyone gets their turn to perform.



Sting 2015 stood strong with stellar performances from veteran reggae and dancehall recording artistes. Half Pint was phenomenal on stage with timeless anthems such as: “ Greetings,” “Level The Vibes,” “Mr. Landlord” and “Hold On.” The incident free event also witnessed a memorable show from the Bandelero, Pinchers, Tiger, Lady G, Terror Fabulous, and Courtney Melody. The seasoned acts were united with prolific tune-for-tune segments that rocked the crowd.